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Excelerate & DGS Distribution Agreement for Drone Detection Systems

By Joe Macey


CLEARSKY combines machine learning and a real-time analysis of signal characteristics to rapidly detect drones and other anomalous activity without the reliance on a library of known drone signals. Additionally, CLEARSKY is frequency agnostic, meaning transmissions can be detected and classified outside of frequency bands where drones typically operate. This ensures that drones that have been modified to operate outside the regulated frequencies can be detected.

Ask a DGS representative how our RF Awareness technology delivers Situational Awareness


Excelerate’s solutions provide reliable communication and enhanced situational awareness even where terrestrial networks are not available, are congested, or have been severely compromised. With an extensive reach that spans varied industries and geographies, Excelerate delivers solutions that are fit for purpose, user-friendly, and address the unique demands of each region.


This global presence serves as a testament to the company’s unparalleled adaptability and dedication to creating a safer and more connected world.

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