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T-Mobile and Network Slicing: Everything You Need to Know About “Private 5G Networks”

By Roger Cheng


While you may dismiss network slicing as another in an endless wave of technical jargon in the wireless world, it’s actually a big deal with ramifications on how you may live your life down the line. 

Network slicing is the act of essentially carving out a dedicated slice of spectrum, or the radio airwaves that ferry data wirelessly from your phone to a nearby cell tower, for a specific service. If cellular service is a 6-lane highway, then network slicing is creating a new, single, separate lane especially for one car. 

Ask a DGS representative how our RF Awareness technology can help facilitate Network Slicing

Roger Cheng

Editor in Chief of Cord Cutters

Former head of CNET News and reporter for Wall Street Journal.

Features include stories regarding mobile and its impact. From carrier pricing plans to next-generation wireless technology, Roger's work focuses on improved accessibility using technology and its overall benefits.

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